Faculty and Staff Resources

Faculty and Staff Resources

The CSL has a mission to share its resources with both faculty and staff who are working to engage our students in service and leadership opportunities in the community. Whether for academic credit or for extracurricular engagements, the CSL can be a great starting place for faculty and staff looking to engage our students in their community.

Events and Conferences

 Deliberative Pedagogies Webinar (Recording Available)

 Tim Shaffer presented the webinar (for IARSLCE) "DELIBERATIVE PEDAGOGY: WHAT IT IS, WHERE IT CONNECTS WITH COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT, AND WHY IT MATTERS." A big thanks also goes to all who attended. For this who were unable to attend, you may view a video of the webinar, by  clicking here. To view a copy of the Powerpoint from the webinar, please click here.



 IARSLCE Conference

September 14-16 2017 (Ireland, Galway)

IARSLCE (International Association for Research On Service-Learning and Community Engagement) disseminates rigorous scholarship on service-learning and community engagement, including research, theory, research reviews and book reviews. We seek to represent the breadth of scholarship in the service-learning and community engagement field, with articles from different countries and disciplines and representing a range of methodologies including community-engaged scholarship. More information regarding conference submissions and attendance can be found at:  http://www.researchslce.org/conferences/

  Pedagogies of HOPE:  Engaged Teaching & Learning and the Future of Education

  APRIL 5th @ 12:30-2pm  /   GWP 320



Corey Dolgon, Sociology Professor and Director of Stonehill Colleges’ Office of Community-Based Learning will share pedagogical strategies and activities with interested faculty regarding hisnew collaborative work Cambridge Handbook of Service Learning and Community Engagement.  Take away strategies and context from Corey's extensive work in Sociology and pedagogies of service learning, along with insights from facilitated faculty activities.  Join us as we begin to answer ways to instill civic hope through our engaged pedagogies.  


Supporting Student Civic Engagement

  APRIL 5th @ 2:15-3:30pm  /   MAT 107


Join a roundtable discussion with other students as we explore more effective ways to be change makers in our communities and campus life.  Corey Dolgon, Sociology Professor and Stone Hill Colleges’ Director of the Downtown Center for Community Engagement will lead this conversation.  He's an author and editor of the new Cambridge Handbook of Service Learning and Community Engagement.   Students and staff alike have big passions to be civic change makers, but we can often feel powerless even knowing where to start.   This roundtable discussion will draw upon institutional strategies and ideas from Corey's experiences and will share the ideas of student leaders on our own campus.


  Pedagogical Strategies & Scholarship of Service-Learning: Implications for Teaching

  Recorded Talk and PowerPoint Now Avaialble:  

We were thrilled to have Christine Cress come to UWT and speak to us about community-based learning. Service learning is a great way to enhance our university’s mission to be an urban serving institution, and it provides yet another way to engage our students in meaningful way. Christien provided an overview of strategies for the pedagogy as well as the scholarship and publication of service related courses.

If you missed the talk, you can catch up with these links:


Teaching Resources


  Learning Through Serving

  This is a great guide to service learning that can be used by both professors and students.   It is designed to assist faculty in facilitating student development of compassionate expertise through the context of service in applying disciplinary knowledge to community issues and challenges.  This books is available to loan through the Center for Service and Leadership; email Paul Prociv at paulpro@uw.edu


  Democratic Dilemmas

  A resource guide providing stories, strategies and challenges faced by teachers of service learning.  Lessons from a variety of academic disciplines and teachers across the United States.  This books is available to loan through the Center for Service and Leadership; email Paul Prociv at paulpro@uw.edu


  Research On Service Learning

  A book that aims to help improve service learning research and practice through strong research theoretical bases.  It reviews assessment methods, instruments and provides context to develop future research methods for the enhancing the practices of service learning.  It is a book that will certainly help those publishing in journals of higher education or service learning practices. This books is available to loan through the Center for Service and Leadership; email Paul Prociv at paulpro@uw.edu


 Public Works and the Academy

  This book is a guide to administrators who are trying to enhance the civic engagement and service learning on their campus.  As an a growing urban serving campus this is a great guide and reference to other institutions and their work/lessons on the promotion of  campus civic engagement.  This books is available to loan through the Center for Service and Leadership; email Paul Prociv at paulpro@uw.edu


Publication Opportunities