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Day of Caring- Inspiring Community Commitment

Join over 100 UW Tacoma students, faculty and staff as we align hands, hearts and minds to our urban-serving mission in one epic day of service!  Come make new UW Tacoma friends in a service team and get to know and serve with local nonprofits  in Tacoma.

WHEN:    October 13th All day: 8am- 5pm 
              Site Leader/Staff Only Training:  Sept 24th 9am-noon (staff until 10:30am)
WHERE:   University Y Student Center, room 304 (will will transport you to various Tacoma nonprofits) 
WHAT: This 'Day of Caring' is more than a one-day community service event. It is a tone and a mindset of service that we hope will spread across our campus and community.   We will be learning about and serving with nonprofits all across Tacoma, who are making positive daily impacts in our communities. We will hear from a keynote speaker, enjoy snacks, and get an introduction to the nonprofits we will be working with.  Volunteers will be placed at sites depending on availability and your interest indicated in the registration form.  So please come have fun, make connections student and community connections, learn about community needs and lend a hand toward some community projects.

Student, Staff & Faculty registRATION



Service Site Locations

UW Tacoma partners with many nonprofits in the Tacoma community year round.   The sites below were chosen to highlight just a few of our community partners and say thank you for contributing to student learning in and outside the classroom.



Tacoma Rescue Mission (TRM) provides emergency services such as shelter and meals to people in our community experiencing homeless. TRM helps lift our community members from poverty and break the chains of addiction with support and prevention programs. More information can be found at

The Project:  Our primary objective is to become a more mindful community member while assisting in the preparation of meals for people experiencing homelessness right here in our community. We will also assist processing donations in the warehouse.  Help in these areas will allow staff some additional to dedicate to long term projects and improvements. 

Project Note: TRM is a faith-based organization, though their shelter and meal programs have no faith requirement. All people are welcome to this service site regardless of faith affiliations.


Good parks, open space and program services contribute to economic development by fostering community connections and promoting tourism.  Open space and program services nurture the culture of a community by providing public forum and providing opportunities to engage with other members of the community regardless of background.

The Project: Volunteers from the community will pull invasive weeds, remove litter, and plant and mulch native trees and shrubs at park sites across the city. Our primary objective is to become a more mindful community member by assisting Metro Parks with these essential upkeep tasks, helping them in their mission to connect the community to nature. Tacoma’s natural resources provide people with clean air, clean water, and access to green space. Keeping them healthy is a community effort! Volunteers will service a total of 12 different event sites across around the city--the site UWT will service is Franklin Park.  

Project Notes:  This site asks that you bring close toed shoes, rain jacket, and long pants all of which you can get dirty. 


The UWT Giving Garden was started in 2009 by a group of students, staff, and faculty as a service learning center to educate students and the Tacoma community about urban gardening and sustainable food production. The garden offers students and community members an opportunity to grow their own food with a requirement to give back to the larger community through food donations to St. Leo's Food Connection. 

The Project:  Our primary objective is to become a more mindful community member by assisting our UW Tacoma Giving Garden in support of environmental learning, stewardship and local providing local produce to our campus community.  Volunteers will pull weeds, as well as mulch native shrubs and plants in the native plant walk.  We will also be securing the pathway and laying mulch. The native plant walk is a place to learn about Pacific Northwest ecology and the importance of restoration in urban spaces.  This space also serves as a place of historical and cultural preservation. This work will prepare us for a signage project being planning with The Lushootseed Institute and Danica Miller here at UW Tacoma.  The signage installation will educate visitors about the rich history of the Puyallup people and their culture by using the Lushootseed language to identify the plants and their traditional uses.  By doing this we are protecting traditional food systems, and honoring the land in which the garden resides on, and teaching people about the importance of ecological restoration, especially in our urban spaces.

Project Notes:  This site asks that you bring close toed shoes and wear clothing that you can get dirty.  If you have gloves please bring them, otherwise they will be provided.



We provide food but also community. St. Leo Food Bank is one of the largest food banks open Tuesday through Saturday. Our Children's Programs are working to fill the gaps of school meals to eliminate child hunger. With our Backpack Program in coordination with Tacoma School District and Clover Park School District, we serve over 30 schools to over 800 children weekly. Springbrook Mobile Food Bank works to provide a weeks worth of food to a neighborhood with limited food access. St. Leo's Food Connection directly fights for food sovereignty in the Pierce County area by feeding over 25,000 families a year, a demographic that includes the Food Bank, Mobile Food Banks, and Children's Feeding Programs.

The Project:   Our primary objective is to become a more mindful community member by assisting with the Food Connections’ food line for a day. Tasks include escorting clients through the line, carrying bags, restocking shelves, cleaning up the warehouse, and most importantly providing a friendly and warm environment for clients. Many of the people who visit the food connection consider this place part of their community and interacting with clients in a positive way is one of the most important aspects of the service.  

Project Notes:  This site asks that you bring close toed shoes and wear clothing that covers your shoulders.  Although faith based, this nonprofit DOES NOT discriminate by any faith affiliation or lack thereof.


The Pierce County AIDS Foundation (PCAF) uses education and service to prevent HIV infection, assist persons affected by HIV/AIDS, address related health problems, and combat associated stigma and discrimination.  Clients served at PCAF often have limited access to resources. The complexity of service needs and the increasing number of new clients continues to grow. Our gifted team of case managers partner with our clients to encourage self-sufficiency in a manner that is empowering for each client.  PCAF provides services such as case management, care coordination, rental assistance, nutritional food programs, transit vouchers, mental health vouchers and more.

The Project:   Our primary objective is to become a more mindful community member by becoming an unofficial safe sex ambassador for the prevention of HIV and AIDS.  We will be creating safe sex educational kits for public distribution, as well as participating in feedback for safe sex educational programming.  Therefore we will be speaking openly on a number of sexually explicit topics and educating ourselves on the real human impact of HIV and AIDS. 

Project Notes:  If you select this site please expect to use adult terminology, language and have open conversations about the topic of sex.



Downtown On the Go is Tacoma’s transportation resource and advocate. We make Tacoma a better place to walk, bike, and take transit. Our organization envisions a vibrant, integrated downtown Tacoma- where daily life is enhanced by connecting people, green spaces, arts & culture, and jobs.  Interdependent land use policies and transportation options reinforce an active compact urban core that is connected locally and regionally, promoting a focus on the movement and interactions of people rather than cars. 

Project:   This project site is seeking students who have a marketing, communications or a business background of any sort.   At this project site we will discuss how to create behavior change marketing that leads to healthier, more sustainable, economically successful, and equitable communities through transit.   UWT students will help stage and direct a photo campaign that will illustrate the power of alternate modes of transportation and the impact it can have on Tacoma.


For more information or questions please contact   If you feel you might need accommodations please contact UW Tacoma's Disability Support Resources at 253-692-4508 or


Student. Staff & Faculty registRATION



Here are just a few of the organizations we have worked with in the past.....



So come join us in living out our campus and community values!