Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Sustainability

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The mission of the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Sustainability is to create and promote a sustainable university community through:

  • Management of our resources by facilitating research, learning opportunities, policies, and practices that address environmental, cultural, economic, and social responsibility;
  • Promotion of a culture of sustainability in which environmental, cultural, social, economic, and academic issues are inseparably interlinked and which supports the environment of the Puget Sound Region;
  • Development of intellectual and fiscal resources that can be used to achieve sustainability for this and future generations.


  • Jessica Asplund, Curriculum and Enrollment Analyst, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
  • Tucker Baespflug, Student, Interdisicplinary Arts & Sciences - Communications
  • Alexa Brockamp, Student, Urban Studies - Sustainable Urban Development
  • John Burkhardt, Associate Director of Communications, Advancement
  • Brittany Eisel, Student, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences - Environmental Science
  • Jim Gawel, Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
  • Galen Guffy, Administrative Assistant Supervisor, Finance
  • Stanley Joshua, Director, Facilities Services
  • Joe Lawless, Executive Director, Center for Leadership & Social Responsibility
  • Ellen Moore, Lecturer, Interdisicplinary Arts & Sciences
  • Surtida Shelton, Associate Director, Student Engagement
  • James Sinding, Auxiliary Services Manager, Finance
  • Milt Tremblay, Director, Planning & Sustainability