Academic Alert

Academic Alert (formerly known as Early Alert) is a program through which faculty may identify students who are having academic difficulty. When a report is made, the student’s academic advisor reaches out to him or her to offer assistance, which may include referral to appropriate campus resources and/or the creation of an action plan. The goal is to connect struggling students with support services across campus that may help them identify and remediate the sources of their academic difficulties.

Please make a referral if you have a student with academic issues such as:

  • Failed exams and/or quizzes
  • Missing or incomplete assignments
  • Attendance issues (tardiness, multiple missed classes)
  • Lack of participation
  • Time management challenges

Academic Alert is for all UW Tacoma students, regardless of class standing or major/program and may be submitted at any time during the quarter. Once an alert is received and assigned to an academic advisor, faculty may expect a follow up email within 5 business days. To make a referral, please click here:

Make an Academic Alert Referral