Academic Human Resources (Faculty HR)

UW Tacoma is committed to fostering a community of educators who are dedicated to creating the best possible learning experience for our students. Achieving this goal requires employing quality faculty and motivated academic staff.

Academic HR News

Congratulations to the following faculty on their recent award to promotion and/or tenure:

Awarded Tenure and Promoted to Associate Professor
Sushil Oswal, School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences
Jenny Sheng, Institute of Technology
Arindam Tripathy, Milgard School of Business
Anne Wessells, Urban Studies

Promoted from Associate Professor to Professor
Yonn Dierwechter, Urban Studies
Lisa Hoffman, Urban Studies

Promoted from Full-Time Lecturer to Senior Lecturer
Teresa Holt-Schaad, Social Work Program

Congratulations to the following faculty that will be recognized at the Spring Celebration:

Distinguished Teaching Award:
Ellen Moore, School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences
Distinguished Research Award:
Peter Horak, School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences
Community Engagement Award: winner announced soon!

Open Faculty Positions

Information about current positions seeking applicants is located on the UW Academic Human Resources website. Find detailed information HERE.

Suzanne Klinger, UW Tacoma librarian

25 Years: The Serendipitous Path of Suzanne Klinger

June 22, 2015

From a staff of two and 70 books to an energetic space with innumerable resources, Suzanne Klinger has been connecting students and texts for 25 years as the head of Reference Services at the UW Tacoma Library.

Ali Modarres

Faculty Note: Ali Modarres to Serve on City Minimum Wage Task Force

June 17, 2015

Urban Studies Director Ali Modarres has agreed to serve on the City of Tacoma's Minimum Wage Task Force. The 17-member panel will deliver its recommendation for an alternative to the 15 Now Tacoma proposed $15 minimum wage to the Tacoma City Council by June 30, 2015.