The COACHE Collaborative

The Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE), developed by Harvard University Graduate School, offers educators the opportunity to become aware of institutional factors essential to institutional success. The COACHE Collaborative is a member based organization that provides data and research to a community of higher-education practitioners that support the discovery and incorporation of best practices that promote faculty success.

COACHE Survey of Faculty Satisfaction

Central to COACHE is a survey designed to assess the state of faculty satisfaction. The University of Washington Tacoma Office of Academic Affairs initiated participation in the survey during the 2012-2013 administration. Over 200 four-year colleges and universities with tenure-stream faculty took part. The survey consists of dimensions thought to be instrumental in framing the teaching experience with questions grouped under related themes or benchmarks. Among these were questions about the "Nature of Work" with a focus on research, teaching, service, and support; questions regarding the campus climate, culture, and collegiality; views about policies and practices of leadership including perceptions of tenure clarity and reasonableness; and other items that measure attitudes of global satisfaction.

Faculty Participation

The focus of COACHE has primarily been on tenure-track faculty and the assessment of their satisfaction with career prospects and achievements at their respective institutions. However, understanding that non tenure track faculty opinions and views may differ from those of their tenure-track colleagues, the Office of Academic Affairs extended survey participation to non-tenure seeking faculty in an effort to broaden the range of feedback that would benefit all members of the faculty.

Faculty of UW Tacoma eligible to participate in the survey were defined as those who held a teaching position one year prior to the 2012-2013 survey administration. Tenured, pre-tenured, and non-tenure track faculty were included in the invitation to participate. Seventy-three tenure-track faculty (63%), and twenty-three non-tenure-track faculty, or 68% of that community also responded for a total of 96 participants.

COACHE Survey Results

The findings of the survey are compiled by Harvard University and reported out as the "Provost Report.” Here, one can find a complete review of the survey results. Find a link to PDF of the report HERE.

The “collaborative” aspect of COACHE is realized in the many opportunities created for member institutions to meet, discuss, and exchange approaches and lessons learned on ways to improve faculty work/life. Facilitating this exchange of ideas and strategies both as an on campus endeavor and in concert with other peer institutions is a key goal of UWT.

In preparation for UW Tacoma discussions, Dr. Harrington has prepared a "first look" at the survey results. The review examines and summarizes the findings to identify those issues in the data that offer the campus community topics to consider. Proceeding from a summation of survey thematic areas, Dr. Harrington provides additional details for each survey theme, detailing mean response scores by respondent group. Find a link to a PDF of the report HERE.