Course Approval Process

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Creating a New Course:

Following are the steps associated with establishing a new UW Tacoma course:

  1. Complete the New Course Form found at:
  2. Do not use the ampersand symbol (&) in the course title. Please spell out the word (& ok for abbreviated title).
  3. A syllabus is required for all new course applications that will be offered for more than one quarter.
    1. Minimum requirements for submitted syllabus:
      1. Course overview and curriculum content
      2. Learning Goals/Objectives unique to the course not the overall program of study.
      3. Required Texts, readings, films, websites, etc
      4. Evaluation and grading to include information on expectations for assignments, projects, exams, etc., should include relative % for each area.
    2. Weekly Course Schedule
  4. If you would like this course to be part of an approved elective list for your major/minor/option, please check the box in the purpose of request and list the program(s) it needs to be added to.
  5. Additional instructions on how to fill out this form can be found online at

Creating a course with On-line Delivery (Distance Learning, “DL”)

NOTE:  UWT has unique internal processes for creating on-line courses. 

A DL course is classified as “any course where 50% or more of the instruction occurs outside of the traditional classroom (i.e., video streaming, blackboard, internet, correspondence, etc).”

  1. Complete above process for a new course.   But write “N/A” on Section 7 on the new course proposal form.  Do not complete Section 7.
  2. Follow the Teaching Learning & Technology instructions provided on the "Offering an Online Course at UWT" Web page.    

Initial DL approval is for 3 years and 1 quarter after which the course must be reauthorized for DL via a review of the student outcomes in the course and departmental recommendation for the DL to continue indefinitely.

Creating a hybrid (part on-line and part in-class) course:

  1. If the course will be taught 50% or more using traditional, in-class delivery, fill out new Course Application.  This is not considered a distance learning course.
  2. If the course will be taught 51% or more on-line complete the distance learning information.

Preferred Submission Method:

  1. Locate actual forms and all instructions at:  UW Office of the Registrar’s  “Curriculum Application Guidelines” Web page.
  2. The original signed, single-sided application, with a syllabus. 
  3. One copy, single sided and stapled. 1 staple per copy only please, and remember to copy both sides.
  4. Either paper-clip or binder-clip the copy behind the original. You should only need 1 paper clip per original and copy.
  5. Please do not group applications together.  Submit each application separately paper-clipped or binder-clipped.  This helps make sure an application does not get lost.