Curriculum Approval Bodies


UW Curriculum Committee  

The UW Curriculum Committee is a standing committee advisory to the University Registrar. The committee consists of members appointed by:

  • University Registrar (committee chair)
  • Dean, UW Undergraduate Academic Affairs
  • Dean, UW Graduate School
  • Faculty Council on Academic Standards
  • Chancellor, UW Tacoma
  • Chancellor, UW Bothell

Primary oversight of curriculum and course content lies with the faculty at the departmental and college/school/campus level. In addition to this oversight, the UW Curriculum Committee advises the Registrar on campus-wide issues of course development and course changes, including appropriate course designation, credits, naming, and descriptions. The committee works to assure uniformity across all three campuses and to assure meaningful course designation for catalogs as well as for student transcripts and records. The committee also works to assure appropriate articulation in course and curriculum development with other administrative bodies across campus (for example, APC and the Graduate School).

The UW Curriculum Committee meets on a monthly basis.  See current schedule including dates for submission of agenda items. You can find information on the committee's deadlines HERE.

UW Tacoma Academic Policy and Curriculum Committee

The Academic Policy and Curriculum Committee (APCC) evaluates the merits of proposed undergraduate and graduate programs and degrees, majors, minors, concentrations, and certificates relative to the academic standards of the institution. Such evaluation takes into consideration the requirements for admission and graduation, intellectual rigor, academic integrity, pedagogical coherence, and the need for additional resources. The committee makes the official faculty recommendation to the UWT Office of Academic Affairs.

Additionally, APCC evaluates the merits of proposed courses relative to the academic standards of the institution. Such evaluation takes into consideration the intellectual rigor, academic integrity, and pedagogical coherence of the proposed course. The Committee also considers whether a course merits the proposed number of credits, whether the mode of student evaluation is appropriate for the course content, and whether resources are adequate.

Faculty Council on Tri-Campus Policy (FCTCP, or commonly called “Tri-Campus”)

When an undergraduate proposal has been approved by the program/school and APC, the UW Tacoma Coordinator of New Programs shall forward it immediately to the University Registrar, Curriculum Secretary. Tri-campus review is required for new undergraduate degrees, majors, minors, and certificate programs, or substantive changes to the same of a non-routine nature. This includes, but may not be limited to:

  1. Changes that would alter the degree information that appears on a student transcript, for example, new or changed degree titles, minors, or options, etc.
  2. Changes in prerequisites that would significantly increase or decrease the number of students admitted to the major, minor, or option.
  3. Changes in graduation requirements that would significantly increase or decrease the number of students completing the major, minor, or option.
  4. Any change in a program on one campus that could significantly alter enrollments in specific programs on one of the other two campuses, for example changing the format of a program to distance learning or fee-based offering.

Tri-Campus Procedures

  1. Materials to be forwarded to the University Registrar must include, in electronic form:
    1. A completed university curriculum UW Form 1503
    2. The rationale for the proposal
  2. When the University Registrar receives the completed program proposal, it will be posted on the UW website immediately for review. The proposal shall be available for review for 15 business days.
  3. Simultaneously with the posting of the proposal, the University Registrar shall send an e-mail to (1) the voting faculty of all UW campuses, (2) the Deans, Directors, and Chairs (DDC) list serve, (3) the Chair of each campus academic program review committee, and (4) the Chair of the Faculty Council on Tri-campus Policy informing them of the opportunity to review the curriculum proposal.
  4. At the end of the comment period, the University Registrar shall compile all comments made on the proposal and forward the comments to the Chair of the academic program review committee at the originating campus. That committee shall then consider all comments as part of their academic program review process, and shall provide a summary of responses to the comments received from all campuses.