Institutional Research

The University of Washington Tacoma's Office of Institutional Research (IR) works to analyze, understand and report data used in institutional decision-making. We provide a number of tools, resources and reports to make campus data public - whether the data is stored at UW, UW Tacoma or in departmental units. IR supports a strong, decentralized data culture that help our students achieve their dreams.


To that end, IR's work priorities reside within a number of goals:

  • To better understand our students and foster their achievement
  • To facilitate the availability of campus data for unit-level tactical planning and forecasting
  • To support assessment strategies - particularly in the areas of student success and analytics
  • To promote the use of new UW tools (UW Profiles, Tableau, Civitas Learning, BI Portal) to create data-awareness and self-sufficiency across all offices, departments and programs at UW Tacoma.

IR publishes a number of quarterly, annual, and special topic reports to keep the campus informed on student profiles, retention, majors, and faculty workload. We create research studies, participate in knowledge-sharing with peers, and link to important research findings on higher education. We continually provide assistance and training in use of UW data tools and reports.

The Office of Institutional Research adheres to the Code of Ethics of the Association for Institutional Research (AIR).