New Undergraduate Programs

Guidelines for Proposal for New Undergraduate  Degree Programs

The UWT Office of Academic Affairs, with support from the UW Office of the Registrar and the Faculty Council on Tri-Campus Policy (FCTCP) coordinates the review of new undergraduate degree proposals.  UWT has specialized processes that work in conjunction with UWS curriculum processes, so please follow UWT instructions. A new undergraduate degree or major is created by the process called Notice of Intent (NOI).

Creating a New Undergraduate Degree or Major

The UWT Coordinator of New Programs works with the UW Graduate School's Office of Academic Affairs and Planning to coordinate the review of new undergraduate degree proposals as outlined in the UWT new program proposal. A major together with general education requirements and elective coursework totaling 50 to 90 credits constitutes  a university degree. Majors may also be spread over two or more departments or programs as in the case with interdisciplinary programs.

Creation of new Majors requires the following review and approvals:

  • UWT Program/School Faculty and Director/Dean
  • UWT Academic Policy and Curriculum Committee
  • UWT Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

For more detailed information regarding the development of new undergraduate Majors and degress, see the Guidelines for New Undergraduate Degrees and Majors  .

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