Frequently asked questions

How can I get a copy of my transcripts?

You can request an official copy of your transcripts through the Office of the Registrar. If you only need an unofficial copy, you can access one through MyUW using your NetID.

I had a NetID when I was a student. Can I still use it?

Yes. When you choose a NetID it's yours for life. If you can't remember what it was or are having trouble logging in, you can contact UW Technology's Help Desk for assistance.

What do I do if I've forgotten my UW NetID password?

UW Technology provides information on how to reset your UW NetID password.

What computer and e-mail services are available to UW alumni and UWAA members?

UW Technology maintains a description of e-mail and computing services available to UW alumni and UWAA members. UWAA members can also search the Husky Career Network and the online Alumni Directory.

I'm a current student. What happens to my e-mail and NetID when I graduate?

First off, your UW NetID is yours for life. You'll also be able to continue to send and receive emails from your UW email address as well as access other UW online services, such as UW Alumni Association programs and ordering transcripts online. However, to continue your service uninterrupted, you'll want to follow the instructions provided by UW Technology. They will contact you a few weeks before your student services expire (usually about one quarter after you graduate). The email notice will explain in detail which services do and do not expire. Typically, your storage space will be reduced and you will no longer have access to publish a web page, access UW Libraries databases, etc.

If you don't take any action upon graduating, you can always sign up later as an alum, but you will lose any stored emails or websites you may have had access to as a student. UW Technology provides a fact sheet with complete details about the transition from student to alumnus.

If you've graduated, but are employed by the University, you'll continue to have access to all online services offered to UW staff. This typically is very similar to what students can access.

Do you have an online alumni directory? I want to connect and network with alumni/find my old friends, where do I start?

Yes, we have a directory and plenty of other ways to connect with other Huskies! Here's a quick summary:

  • Online Alumni Directory - The UWAA Online Alumni Directory is a searchable database of alumni. Any alumnus/a can find his or her own record, update it and adjust settings to display all, some or no personal contact information. Searching the directory is a benefit of UWAA membership. You'll need a UW NetID to access the directory.
  • Find-A-Friend Service - We help our members find "lost" UW friends through letter forwarding. Simply enclose a letter in an envelope marked with the name and grad year of a UW friend, and mail the letter to the UWAA membership department and it will be forwarded to the alum if we have an address on file. This can be especially helpful if the friend you're looking for hasn't shared any information in the online directory. Please note: Our privacy policy and state/federal law does not allow us to give out any contact information directly.
  • Career Networking - If you're interested in connecting professionally with fellow alumni or would like to get career advice from other Huskies, visit our "Careers" section for our offerings.
  • Connect on Facebook - Join the thousands of other Huskies who have become fans of the UW Alumni Association. We'll keep you updated on the latest new, plus you never know: some of your old friends might be fans as well.

Does the UWAA have an email privacy policy?

The UW Alumni Association takes your privacy very seriously. We will never request personal information — including passwords, usernames, telephone numbers or any financial data — through email. For more information, see the University of Washington's privacy policy.

I've received a suspicious email that says it's from the UW. What should I do?

"Phishing" emails are fraudulent attempts to obtain personal information (such as passwords, Social Security numbers or bank account information) by masquerading as originating from a trustworthy source. As a large public institution, UW has occasionally been the identity used by hackers. Please do not release any personal information in response to any suspicious message. Contact the UW Alumni Association at or 206-543-0540 or 1-800-AUW-ALUM to report possible fraud.

How do I notify UW Tacoma of my legal name change?

If you have changed your name, please contact the Office of the Registrar with legal documentation of the change, so your records can be updated.