Start-up Checklist

UW Seattle automatically provisions course sites for all courses being taught, by all faculty, several weeks prior to the upcoming quarter. This means that you may already have a course site for your class on Canvas, that you can start to develop.

Get Started Checklist

  1. Go to Canvas and check for your course once the quarter schedule is released.

  2. Register for a Canvas Training session

  3. Build your Course site or...

  4. Import the content of your previous course site into your new course site (if desired)

  5. Publish your course site when ready and send an announcement to your students.

Upcoming course shells are available as soon as the Time Schedule is released. You should see them in your courses dropdown menu when you login to Canvas. You may request a development shell, which you will never publish, if working on a new course months before the quarter to be offered.  If you desire a development-only course site for a future quarter, contact Academic Technologies and request a Development shell.

As each new quarter approaches, UWS will provision a course for every class you are teaching with the registered students automatically in it.  They will not see the course until you choose to publish. Once published, faculty will need to notify their student that they are using Canvas. You can do this via the Canvas INBOX (top right of your Canvas course page).

Getting Started FAQs

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