Credit Card Payment Policies

In order to maintain strict PCI Compliance, UW Tacoma’s Cashier’s Office will only process credit/debit card transactions via TouchBase, the online payment portal.  Also note that credit card payments are not accepted at the cashier window. 

If your department has a need to accept credit card payments, please contact the Cashier’s office to learn how to get set up on the TouchBase, UW Tacoma's online payment portal.  If your department needs to add a new student fee, then the fee must be vetted through the appropriate channels.

By working with Finance, you are ensuring the most secure form of credit card processing.  The Cashier’s Office is then responsible for reconciling the online payments and distributing the funds to your budget(s).  The department is responsible for reconciling their budget in MyFD.

To maintain strict internal controls, the Cashier’s Office will also issue any applicable refunds. It is up to the department to request the refund along with the corresponding refund documentation including: order #, amount to refund, and reason for refund.


Credit Card Merchant (Convenience) Fee Process

EFFECTIVE DATE: October 1, 2017

FIRST BILLING: November 2017

The Cashier's Office is streamlining the way we reconcile the 3% merchant (convenience) fee billing process.  Starting Octomber 1, 2017, the convenience fee will not be added to the item price at the time of payment.  Instead, the item price will post directly to it's budget and the merchant (convenience) fee will post direct to the Finance budget.  This will eliminate both the JV and the monthly billing report for those items which charge the fee at the time of purchase. 

For those items which do not charge the fee back to the customer, the fee will be JV'd and a report will be generated.

CT for Credit Cards

This process has been replaced by TouchBase, UW Tacoma's online payment portal.  If you need to accept credit card payments, contact the Cashier's Office to get set up.


Per the Credit Card Merchant Fee Policy, a 3% service fee* is charged to department budgets which utilize the Cashier's Office for credit card transactions.  *After 2015, this rate is subject to change.