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UW Tacoma Alternative Breakaway is a student lead program offering any student a week long volunteer opportunity to take a meaningful break from school to serve with others.   Students will graciously donate to their break to make a difference in our communities and nonprofits while working toward their personal and professional growth.  We aim to keep BreakAway accessible, regardless of students’ ability to pay.  In order to keep costs down for student volunteers we need your help!  All funds raised go directly to the Breakaway Fund to cover travel, lodging, food and training expenses for participants.

Thank you for your support.  


Support Our Student Team!

March 18-24th, a group of 9 students will be traveling to Eugene, Oregon to partner with Friends of Buford Park and Mount Pisgah. We will not only be working to support environmental restoration, but also be bringing our unique backgrounds together to engage in meaningful personal and professional growth.

In the classroom, we don’t always have the opportunity to engage in hands-on environmental work. Through our native plant and habitat restoration with Friends of Buford Park, our team will be bringing back skills to think sustainably, and to create communities focused on continued environmental efforts with an intersectional lens.

Our group is made of students from many departments, including business, environmental science, computer science, and nonprofit studies. Each of us is bringing a unique background and interest in this trip. This environment creates a great space where we learn from one another, and can support sustained growth as a team.

Your support helps to keep this experience financially accessible to all students, covering costs to allow them to engage in this experience. We all really appreciate your support in creating a meaningful experience for this team’s Spring BreakAway.

-Student Leader, Frederick Anex-Schnauss

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The Center for Service and Lea today gave me an insight to think about the world that I would've never thought of.- Anonymous Reflection


Now that it’s almost over I feel that I’ve really grown as a person. I’ve learned more about myself on this trip and the importance of having a sense of community, relationships, appreciations, and teamwork. - Anonymous Reflection


I think I really appreciated every moment of today. I got to connect with my peers annd I was able to see/acknowledge a fear that I still need to confront- Anonymous Reflection

My understanding has become more compassionate. I know now what this place is and stands for. And it's not just a place to sleep and eat.- Anonymous Reflection






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One Night of Lodging

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Student Training

Help us learn to be a team.

$100=  training costs for all