Tacoma Whole Child Initiative

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The Tacoma Whole Child Initiative is a decade-long partnership between the Center for Strong Schools at UW Tacoma and the Tacoma Public Schools to create sustainable change in schools and communities so every child is a whole child - engaged, successful, resilient, and ready for life. Our shared goal is to harness the momentum of school transformation at an unprecedented scale.

In addition to UW Tacoma and Tacoma Public Schools, several community partners have joined the effort for school and community transformation.

Braiding together best practices from implementation science, data driven decision making, and behavioral intervention this approach will lead to long term school transformation making our schools a safe and healthy place to learn.

Everyone in a school who comes in contact with students—teachers, librarians, bus drivers, cafeteria staff, administrators, playground staff—is part of the program. In essence,Tacoma Public Schools and the community are working with UW Tacoma to turnaround an entire school district with a discipline and systems-focused intensity seldom attempted anywhere else in the U.S. 

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