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Congratulations UW Tacoma!
Winners of the UWT/UWB 2017 Spirit Award.

Back where she belongs. 
Visit her in the Chancellor's Office.

Congratulations Colleen Carmean,
Co-Chair UWT CFD:
Washington State' s CFD Exemplary Leadership Award 2017.
UW Tacoma Rocks Service.

Now through December 1, UW Tacoma staff and faculty may enroll in the UW Combined Fund Drive to give to one or more of 5,000 local, national and global charities registered with the campaign.

Use Your Change to Make a Change

$2 per month 
(two candy bars)
  • Sends a child with epilepsy to a morning of summer camp
  • Provides one unit of a cryoprecipitate blood transfusion for woman suffering from a rare blood disorder

$5 per month 
(two lattes)
  • Buys 188 lbs. of food to be distributed to the need
  • Plants 100 cedar trees for a habitat restoration project
  • Provides a week of groceries and toiletries for two hungry families from a local food bank


$8 per month 
(three lattes)
  • Covers the cost for a spinal tap, including physician’s fee
  • Provides one unit (of the average required 52 units a year) red blood cell transfusion for a patient with thalassemia (a genetic blood disorder)


$10 per month 
(two fast food lunches)
  • Provides crisis services to six victims of sexual assault
  • Equals a complete platelet count for two children going through cancer treatment
  • Enables response to an emergency situation for an entire family


$20 per month 
(two people going to a movie)
  • Two nights of safe shelter for a battered woman and her child
  • 104 meals a year and 26 rides to work for homeless shelter residents
  • Breakfast and a snack for a child at a center for kids with emotional problems


$25 per month — Bronze level
(one restaurant meal)
  • One year of school-based services for a child victimized by abuse.
  • Preventing 10 senior citizens from choosing between food and medicine.
  • One year of adult basic education instruction, nearly 1,000 hours.


$50 per month — Silver level
(dinner out for two)
  • Provides art supplies for 120 young artists.
  • Fund spay/neuter clinic for 25 cats and kittens.
  • Provide coverage for a bone marrow biopsy.


$100 per month — Gold level
(reaching a little deeper)
  • Cover lights and heat for a family in transitional housing apartments.
  • Provide 100 people with a meal during a disaster.
  • Pay for a six-week support group for 10 families affected by grief.



Featured Charities 2017

Recommended Charities FISH Food Bank (Nourish)

St Leo's Food Connection

Special Olympics Washington


UW Tacoma Combined Fund Drive Team 2017-2018
Colleen Carmean & Megan Bentley-Moon - Co-Chairs
Joel Larson, Paul Prociv, Susan Wagshul-Golden – Your team members
Feel free to contact any of us for more information and join us at PIE DAY  (Nov 22) for the CFD Pie Raffle!