2017 Distinguished Community Engagement Award

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2017 Recepient

Dr. Christine Stevens, Associate Professor, Nursing & Healthcare Leadership

Dr. Christine Stevens received her Ph.D. in Nursing Science from the University of Washington. Her research focuses on social justice and how structural disadvantages affect health, housing and food security, especially among low-income and adolescent populations. Dr. Stevens uses participatory research to develop long-term relationships with communities and partners with residents to develop interventions that are relevant at the local level.

Dr. Stevens's collaborations with a variety of organizations have resulted in systemic changes in those organizations that include process improvement, collaborative research methods development, and program development and implementation.  Her work with community partners empowers them to lead and direct projects while she graciously provides her expertise and guidance as needed.

Dr. Stevens' projects are representative of the high-impact, community-engaged practices at the center of UW Tacoma’s strategic plan. Her work involves students, professionals and grass-roots community partners, research and teaching. Recently she has applied her expertise to the challenges of homelessness and food insecurity among UW Tacoma students. Her experience with these issues in the broader community has proved invaluable in delineating the scale and scope of the problem, and identifying the resources to address it.

2017 Nominees

Dr. Greg Benner, Professor, School of Education
Dr. Ka Yee Yeung-Rhee, Associate Professor, Institute of Technology
Dr. Christine Stevens, Associate Professor, Nursing & Healthcare Leadership