President's Medal

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President's Medal

Each year the UW Tacoma President’s Medalist is selected from graduating seniors with the most distinguished academic record. The first UW Tacoma President’s Medal was awarded in 2016. The medal is presented during the Commencement ceremony in June.


Candidates must be in the top 2% of the graduating class in their academic program and have either graduated (in autumn or winter quarter) or submitted a graduation application to graduate (in spring or summer quarter) during the current academic year.

Candidate notification and responsibilities

Eligible students are sent a notification email from the Office of the Chancellor. Students are asked to confirm their interest in being considered and that they plan to attend the Commencement ceremony. Eligible students are given one week to declare their interest, that date is April 4, 2019.

Students who declare an interest and confirm their plans to attend the ceremony must provide a resume and cover letter, sent to the Office of the Chancellor addressing the following: scholarship or academic awards received, other academic activities (examples: study abroad, undergraduate research, internships, service learning, publications, presentation, or participation in professional organizations), and application of knowledge to current or future activities.

The student’s resume and cover letter must be submitted no later than 3 p.m. Friday, April 19, 2019.

Academic program notification and responsibilities

Schools and academic programs are notified of any students in their program that are eligible and interested in being considered for the President’s Medal. The program is responsible for soliciting letters of recommendation from faculty who have worked with the candidates.

Faculty are asked to include the following in the recommendation: honors and awards, research and publications, future plans, and other pertinent information

The program collects letters of recommendation and forwards the letters to the Chancellor's Office by Friday, April 19, 2019.

Review Committee

The Chancellor’s Office selects the review committee and provides a rubric to assist the committee when reviewing candidates. The committee is provided the student packets and proceeds to meet and review the materials before meeting to finalize the awardee.

The committee notifies the Chancellor’s Office of their selection by April 30, 2019.


Year Name Degree earned
2018 Leslie Kirk BA, Sustainable Urban Development
2017 Taylor Claussen Jones BA, Sustainable Urban Development & Communication
2016 Bronwyn Clarke BA, Politics, Philosophy & Economics