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UW Tacoma New Undergraduate Program Review Process

PROCESS (Read First):


Additional Resources for PNOI Preparation (also linked with PNOI Instructions):

Internal Alignment Tools

External Supply and Demand for the Program


NWCCU Review of all New Majors and Minors*

At the start of June, the NWCCU (UW’s regional accreditation agency) informed UW that in addition to reviewing all new degree programs, they will be reviewing all new *MINORS of 45 quarter credits or more.  All proposals currently in process are subject to this change.
This additional step in the approval process includes:
- additional paperwork
- at least 75 additional days of review time
- a cost to the proposing unit of $300
In addition, any minor that is subject to NWCCU review may not be communicated or advertised in any way prior to receiving NWCCU approval.
Keep alert for more information about the NWCCU Review.

New Graduate Degree Programs

New Graduate Certificate Programs


Curriculum Development Overview


Below are the categories that programs are asked to use to determine curricular overlap between courses:
A. EQUIVALENT: Courses are similar enough in content to be considered equivalent. Equivalent means that one course can substitute for the other and that credit may only be given to one of the courses should a student complete both.
B. OVERLAPPING: Courses are not equivalent, but the content is similar enough so that students should receive credit for only one of the two courses.
C.  Course content is not similar in any significant way and credit should be given for both courses independent of each other.

Areas of Knowledge: for your reference -


Credit Hours: The math -

  • An hour of lecture a week = 1 credit, i.e. 5 hours is 5 credits.

  • You can count outside work but still needs to be clearly indicated. 


Student Learning Objectives (section 6 in new course/ course change forms)

  • Please make sure that the SLOs are active, measureable verbs
  • As a resource, use Bloom's taxonomy lists of measureable, active verbs: list 1; list 2

Student Learning Objectives are one of the components that stay with a course despite instructor and syllabus changes. Thus, APCC encourages curriculum developers to make sure that their course's SLOs are observable, measurebale learning behavoirs/evidence.