Space Change Requests

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Requests for New Space or to Re-purpose Allocated Space

Examples of issues that would require space management provisioning include:

  • Allocating new space to a campus division
  • Reallocating space among campus divisions
  • Assigning research, office, or programming space for grant-funded activities
  • Requesting the long-term use of campus space by an off-campus group
  • Acquiring furniture and/or equipment to be used in allocated space
  • Upgrading technology in classrooms or conference areas
  • Relocating temporarily a campus unit due to construction or renovation

To request to alter, remodel, or otherwise modify campus space, including the acquisition of furniture or equipment for use in campus space, contact Elizabeth Hyun at or at 253-692-4675.

Long-term Provision of Space for Use by Off-Campus Partners

To request the long-term allocation of space for an individual, group, or program not affiliated with UW Tacoma, please contact Elizabeth Hyun at or at 253-692-4675.

Space Management provisioning does NOT apply to special events or other short-term activities that do not require allocation of campus space. Such activities would be subject to the policies and procedures of the Use of University Facilities Implementation Committee.