As an interdisciplinary program, Global Honors courses are carefully designed to include a variety of disciplines and philosophies, and address a diverse range of themes and case studies. As such, students can develop considerable expertise within areas that might be somewhat familiar to their major, but they can also expand their horizons to include new academic territory. By diversifying and enriching educational repertoires this way, Global Honors can add considerable value to the conventional degree.

Each of our core courses and each of our interdisciplinary faculty offer students a distinct experience. Even when you've mastered the breadth and depth of one course, those that follow can continue to re-orient your perspectives. But they are nonetheless held together by common threads. Our introductory courses provide a broad overview of the unifying themes that re-surface throughout the core curriculum (and probably show up in your major studies too). They also introduce students to the resources, expectations, and opportunities the Program entails.

Our students experience the challenges and rewards of this holistic experience as part of a close-knit cohort. They come to trust in one another's support and collaboration in a way that isn't easy to reproduce in a conventional classroom setting. But they also enjoy a highly individual learning process, drawing their own conclusions based upon personal areas of interest, experience, and aspiration. This is best typified by the fascinating range of specialized capstone theses and other projects that come to fruition at the end of the Global Honors experience.

Drawn from diverse backgrounds, Global Honors students come together to share the road, but identify and benefit from singular destinations.