Minor in Global Engagement

Required courses Credits
Introductory Courses 2-5
Core Courses 15
Capstone Courses 8
Total 25

The interconnected challenges and opportunities of globalization touch us all. It is essential to develop sensibilities and competencies to navigate the global interactions that pervade almost all walks of professional, academic, civil, and social life. By critically exploring the interdisciplinary breadth, depth, and intriguing implications of globalization, students who pursue the Minor in Global Engagement are excellently equipped to do exactly that.

Students who choose not to complete the full minor can select one of three Global Honors Pathways instead.

Students who could benefit:

Students who stand to benefit from the Global Honors Program and the Minor in Global Engagement include those who want to:

  • Both study in depth and directly engage with the cross-cultural nuances and innumerable possibilities of global exchange.
  • Demonstrate a highly desirable skill set and advantageous edge over conventional degree holders when competing for advanced career opportunities in business, finance, law, politics, public policy, education, healthcare, social services, non-profit, and other areas.
  • Enhance their readiness and candidacy for highly competitive graduate study programs.
  • Avail themselves of an academic honors setting with small class sizes, internationally reputed faculty, and critically engaged classmates drawn from a diverse range of majors and cultural backgrounds.
  • Pursue a minor that transcends the typical classroom setting to include co-curricular, social, and service activities with a civic-minded cohort of emerging leaders.
  • Develop practical skills and worldly understanding through experiential opportunities including professional internship placements and study abroad.

Students on track to complete the Minor in Global Engagement are eligible for the Global Scholar Award. They are also encouraged to consider the benefits of the Bamford Fellowship in Global Engagement.

Objectives of Minor

Learning objectives and educational outcomes of the Global Honors Program and Minor in Global Engagement can be found here.

Course Requirements

The Minor in Global Engagement requires 25 credits:

NOTE: As per the honors cohort model, Global Honors courses are intended to be taken sequentially over the course of two years. Flexible alternatives may be available on a case-by-case basis for students with limited schedule availability.

Admission Requirements / How to Declare

NOTE: Admission to the Minor in Global Engagement is limited to students enrolled with the  Global Honors Program. Find out more about eligibility on the Admissions page.

You can declare a minor by using the same request to declare/change major form and submitting it to the Office of the Registrar. You must have earned a minimum of 45 credits and declared a major before declaring a minor. If you have any questions about this process, please see your advisor.