Healthcare Leadership


Sharon Gavin Fought"Welcome to UW Tacoma! Faculty and staff look forward to working with you to meet your personal and professional goals through our Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Leadership degree or Health and Society Minor."

Sharon Gavin Fought, RN, Ph.D.

The Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Healthcare Leadership utilizes an interdisciplinary approach that prepares students for careers in leadership positions across a spectrum of healthcare settings. This degree provides students in South Puget Sound with the critical thinking processes and experiential learning necessary for becoming leaders in organizations ranging from healthcare systems to government agencies.

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What makes the program unique

  • Offers courses designed to apply content to healthcare leadership
  • Works for both part-time and full-time students
  • Provides opportunities to explore interests and be creative

In addition to the major, opportunities exist to obtain a minor or certificate in other disciplines.

In a four-credit fieldwork experience, students will participate in a real-world learning experience in a healthcare organization in the community. These learning experiences will serve as a bridge to future employment opportunities for the students.