Global Honors

Global Honors

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National Collegiate Honors Council

The mission of the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) is to support and enhance the community of educational institutions, professionals, and students who participate in collegiate honors education around the world.

Western Regional Honors Council

The Western Regional Honors Council (WRHC) is a professional organization of faculty, administrators, and students dedicated to the promotion and advancement of undergraduate honors education.


The Institute for Global Engagement combines community engagement, undergraduate research, experiential learning, and academic excellence. The last is embodied by the Global Honors Program, UW Tacoma's interdisciplinary honors program. We also offer a Minor in Global Engagement.


The Institute for Global Engagement stewards global learning for all University of Washington Tacoma students. It promotes interdisciplinary and collaborative research on global issues and engages community partners in opening the classroom to a world of borderless possibilities, discovery, and imagination.


To promote and support interdisciplinary collaborations among faculty, students, and community partners that deepen our understanding of the world and that inspire us to engage in solutions for a better society. To engage community partners in the global education and training of students for a competitive and interdependent world.

We place collaboration at the heart of the global engagement. Partnerships across campus and deep into the community foster interdisciplinary and structured pathways to global leadership and citizenship. Through sponsored undergraduate research and study abroad, a globally focused honors program, and experiential learning through active community engagement, we refine global competencies and broaden cultural understanding.


Collaboration, Interdisciplinarity, Innovation, Engagement, Cultural Understanding, Sustainability.

Open to all majors, the Global Honors Program is designed to help highly motivated students enhance their education of global issues. Through rigorous core seminars, immersive study abroad opportunities, and extra-curricular events, honors scholars embark on enriching pathways to community leadership and global citizenship. We aim to prepare students to meet the challenges of a globalizing world.

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The Global Honors Excellence Fund provides discretionary support for the UW Tacoma Global Honors Program. To make a contribution, please visit the UW Make a Gift page (enter 'UWT Global Honors Excellence Fund' in the 'Search' field).