Campus event calendar

The campus event calendar shows all campus events. You can filter events by date, catagory, audience, location or keyword.

Other calendars

There are many calendars available for students to use to track personal activities. These include Google Calendar, MyUW Personal Calendar, Windows Live Calendar and Blackboard. There are also many calendars that will help you keep track of events and important academic dates.

What is the academic calendar?

The academic calendar lists important dates and deadlines for registration, course add, drop and withdrawal, final exam schedules, holidays, application deadlines and more!

Meeting Maker is UW Tacoma's campus calendaring system for faculty and staff. It makes scheduling meetings a breeze. No more scheduling meetings with multiple people via email (i.e. "Please give me your availability on the following dates...")

All you need is a Meeting Maker account and a little training.

How do I purchase a Meeting Maker account?

Send a request to tachelp for pricing or to start the purchasing process.

I have an account, now how do I use Meeting Maker?

How do I access my calendar off-campus?

Meeting Maker offers a web client that allows you to access you calendar from any computer with an internet connection.

Can I see my calendar on my mobile device?

Meeting Maker does not offer a mobile app. You can view your Meeting Maker calendar on your mobile device through the Meeting Maker web client.