What are my options for email?

UW Tacoma has two options for E-mail services - UW Office365 or UW Google Gmail. Setting up or changing your E-mail service is done via your MYUW portal. Use the “My Account” link at the top right of your MYUW portal to access the manage UW NetID resources page.


Which service should you choose UW Gmail or UW Office365?

This question depends on your affiliation with UW Tacoma.

Nursing and Healthcare Leadership students, faculty and staff – due to Ferpa and HIPPA concerns you must only choose UW Office365 as your E-mail service.

Staff - UW Tacoma has standardized on Office365 as our unified calendaring provider. You must choose UW Office365.

Faculty – You can choose either UW Office365 or UW Gmail. The final decision comes down to if you or your department needs or wants you to participate in unified calendaring. Please refer to your department.

Students - You can choose either UW Office365 or UW Gmail. One thing to consider is if you are, or plan to become, a student worker at UW Tacoma. In this case you should choose UW Office365 in the event that your position requires you to participate in unified calendaring.



Can I forward my email to my personal account?

Official messages from the University are sent only to your UW email address. The university has no control or tracking on messages forwarded to third party personal e-mail addresses, so please do not forward your UW email to your personal email account. Refer to the UW Tacoma email policy for more information.

Where do I go to check my email?

Accessing your E-mail account can be done by using the tools drop down located at the top of the home page, or through your MYUW portal.

For more information on E-mail, such as configuring smartphones or using Office365, please refer to UW Seattle IT Connect or UW Tacoma Office365 resources pages.