Google Apps

The University of Washington is partnering with Google to provide Google Apps to the UW community. UW Google Apps is a service that can be used by current UW students, faculty, staff, Alumni, and former students.  UW Google Apps can even be used concurrently with UW Windows Live.

UW Google Apps provides access to many web based applications including:

  • Google Apps Email - Ad-free email with over 7 GB of storage and continued use of your or email addresses
  • Google Calendar - Schedule meetings, create events, and share calendars
  • Google Talk - Instant messaging and computer-to-computer voice calling
  • Google Docs - Create, store, share and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and presentations online

Follow the steps below to start using UW Google Apps. You may activate the UW Google Apps service without changing your current UW email forwarding to send new mail to UW Google Apps.

  1. Go to the Manage UW Google Apps page to activate the service and set your UW Google Apps password. Once activated, your Google Apps login is <your UW NetID> (where "<your UW NetID>" is your actual UW NetID).
  2. The UW NetID manage pages can be used to forward your email to UW Google Apps Mail.  If you wish to use UW Google Apps without using Google's email service, this step may be skipped.  Note: UW Tacoma Nursing/Healthcare Leadership faculty and staff are prohibited from forwarding email to UW Windows Live and UW Google apps.  For more information on this policy, please contact the UW Tacoma Nursing department.
  3. is used to access your email and all other Google Apps services. You may also configure Google Apps Email on just about any desktop email program or mobile device using instructions provided by Google

Google Apps is in constant development and new features are being added on a regular basis.  For more information on what's available and what's coming soon, visit the UW Google Apps website.