Lecture capture

UW Tacoma is now providing lecture capture with optional video in most of our classrooms.
See list of podcast classrooms below.

Our lecture capture solution is not just for the classroom.
You can also easily record using Tegrity from your office computer, home laptop or anywhere else.  You simply need your presentation materials and a usb microphone (if you do not have a built in mic).

Lecture capture is a time-shifting technology that allows users to access their selected recordings whenever they like. This allows students to review not only at their time of convenience, but also at their own pace. Furthermore, because of the portability of the player devices, users can listen to audio files as they go about their daily activities.

Classrooms with lecture capture technology


Screencasting with Audio and (optional) Video

  • BB 104
  • BB 106
  • BB 107
  • BHS 103
  • BHS 104
  • BHS 106
  • BHS 107
  • CP 103
  • CP 105
  • CP 106
  • CP 108
  • CP 324
  • CP 331
  • CP 334A
  • DOU 101
  • DOU 160
  • DOU 201
  • DOU 210
  • DOU 260
  • DOU 270
  • DOU 280
  • GWP 101
  • GWP 212
  • GWP 216
  • GWP 220
  • JOY 105
  • JOY 106
  • JOY 109
  • JOY 110
  • JOY 117
  • JOY 206
  • JOY 207
  • JOY 210
  • JOY 211
  • JOY 215
  • MAT 214
  • SCI 309
  • TLB 109
  • TLB 115
  • WCG 103
  • WCG 110

Login to your Tegrity account, select your course, double-check the settings for audio (and video) and press "Record a Class."  Stop recording when finished and your session will automatically upload in the background for you.  




Tegrity is a cloud-based screen capture service, allowing students and instructors the ability to easily post and share content.  Tegrity is a service of UW-IT, available to students and instructors attending all UW campuses.  Files are accessible to only students with valid UWnetIDs and who are registered in participating faculty courses.

Please visit the UW Tegrity page for an overview and login.

UW Tacoma's Two-Minute Tegrity Tours

How to Share Recordings with Non-UW Viewers

How to Share Recording With Multiple Course Sections

How to Add a Teaching Assistant to Course

How to Add Admins To Your Course (allows others to record, share and edit into your course)

How to Install Tegrity Recorder on a Mac

How to Install Tegrity Recorder on a PC

Need assistance with Lecture Capturing?

Send email with classroom and schedule to: athelp@uw.edu

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Tegrity Screencasting

Examples of UW Tacoma coursecasts

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Podcasting testamonial videos

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