Remote Application Services

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Starting 4/24/2018, you MUST install and run Husky OnNet VPN client in order to use Remote Application Services.

You can download the software from the following link here.

Installation videos

Remote Apps Service

Available Software with Remote Apps Service include:

  • SPSS 19
  • Adobe Master Collection CS5.5

How to access Remote Apps Services

Print-friendly tab title "B"

Please press the Instructions for Microsoft Operating System.

Print-friendly tab title "B"

Please press the Instructions for Apple Mac Operating System.


Important Information for Mac OS 10.8 and Below

To Run SPSS 19

Download the file to your desktop and unzip it.

Run the SPSS-for-MAC.rdp file.

Username =

Password = Your domain login password (the one you use to log onto campus computers).

Note you may see some security warnings, choose OK or yes for these.

You may also be asked to login or provide your password more than once.  The user name and password for all requests is the same as above.