Bachelor of Science Information Technology and Systems

The Institute of Technology at UW Tacoma is preparing students for a variety of positions in Information Technology and Systems to meet the growing IT needs in the Pacific Northwest.

The ITS program is for you if:

  • You are interested in a program that responds to emerging trends in the next generation of information technologies.
  • You value real-world education experiences. As part of this program, students will gain hands-on experience by working in industry as part of their program.
  • You are an active learner, passionate about current trends in technology, and capable of achieving the goals of designing, managing, and supporting the next generation of information systems.

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What makes the ITS degree different?

Although intimately tied to the computing field, the ITS program differs from the CSS and CES programs.

  • Emphasizes a practicum and interest-based specialization-oriented degree. This means that there is a greater emphasis on application, deployment, configuration and development than on theory and principles, and that the students choose to specialize in a sub-area of information technology or system of information.
  • Actively responds to emerging technology trends and diversifications in information systems. While it may not seem so, computing concepts change fairly slowly. However, the technology that manages information changes quickly as practitioners attempt to address real-world problems in industry, government, research and education. This program will respond to changes that reflect trends.
  • Requires real-world experience by engaging in an industrial co-op. Students are exposed to what it is like to work in information technology by pairing them with businesses and institutions that have people dedicated to maintaining their computing and communication infrastructure and information.
  • Expects that students are active learners, passionate about current trends in technology, and capable of achieving the goals of managing and supporting the information technology systems programmed by the CSS and CES majors.