Computer Science and Systems

The Computer Science and Systems (CSS) program features an innovative and broad approach to computer science and the design of applications software. The CSS curriculum draws heavily on computer science, but with a greater emphasis on software design relevant to the needs of local and regional industry.

You will acquire essential knowledge in object-oriented programming, algorithms and principles of abstraction, data structures, discrete structures, architecture, operating systems, software design and complex ethical and societal issues. The program also offers concentration courses that provide depth and opportunities to specialize.

With increasing demand for highly trained computer scientists, these programs offer a solid foundation in computer science principles along with the software design and development required to effectively apply them.

The CSS program offers both a bachelor of science and a bachelor of arts degree.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Systems

The bachelor of science is for students who want to become an expert in the methods and programming languages needed to design software systems. It offers a solid core in computer science principles along with a host of intensive project work in specific sub-disciplines of the field. 

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science and Systems

The bachelor of arts builds a strong foundation in computing with an opportunity to experience more breadth in the academic experience, and to apply the fundamental concepts and technologies of computer science to another academic discipline. You graduate with a rigorous grounding in the principles of computing and computing technology, but are more an informed consumer of technology than a primary builder.