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The Institute of Technology Internship Program develops and promotes opportunities for students to receive academic credit for degree-related, paid work experience for students who have completed the core course requirements. The program also strives to develop opportunities for non-degree-related work experiences for all matriculated students.

Up to 10 credits of an internship may count toward your degree. You must complete the core coursework before starting a degree-related work experience in a paid or unpaid internship. 

How does an internship benefit you?

Internships allow you to apply theoretical and conceptual classroom knowledge to practical work experiences, and to gain broad experience in a professional work environment. Internships also offer employers a chance to involve students in professional design, implementation and research projects. Many employers view internships as a source for qualified, experienced employees.

You can earn up to 10 academic credits toward your degree for documented degree-related experience. Each five academic credits awarded must be deemed educationally equivalent to five hours of the elective coursework. Ten hours of credit typically requires one quarter of full-time commitment or two quarters of part-time commitment.

Who can apply?

Current Computer Science and Systems (CSS), Computer Engineering and Systems (CES), and Information Technology and Science (ITS) students who have completed the entire core sequence are eligible for internships. 

Getting started

To get started, review the steps toward completion of an internship. Then, contact Andrew Fry, Assistant Director of Industry Partnerships, to discuss your plans and begin the process.