The Institute of Technology has a number of scholarships available for incoming junior-level transfer and continuing undergraduate students. 

In order to be considered, you must provide provide the following:
1. A completed scholarship application for the scholarship that you're applying for.
2. Include all the required paperwork. This includes the recommendation form, and essay. Recommendation form for all scholarships.
3. You must include a copy of your transcript(s) with your package. Unoffical transcripts are ok.

***Incomplete packages will not be reviewed***

Please review all the scholarships available before completing your scholarship application. Please make sure that you meet the requirements. Applications can be found at the bottom.

Boeing Diversity Scholarship
The Institute of Technology receives a generous donation from the Boeing Company to be awarded to Institute juniors and seniors who have demonstrated a commitment to diversity in their college and/or community life. Preference will go to those applicants who:

  • Have GPA of 3.2 or better
  • Have demonstrated financial need
  • Have been involved as an instructor or volunteer in UW Tacoma’s Math, Science and Leadership youth outreach program or are alumni of the MSL program.
  • Have been involved in any registered student organization that has a diversity focus (including Women in Computing Science, the Black Student Union, the Latino Student Organization or the Native American Student Organization) or been active in the campus Diversity Resource Center.

Henry T. Schatz Institute of Technology Endowed Scholarship (New UWT students)
This award is given to allow high-achieving undergraduate students more time to devote to the rigors of analytical and logical studies and thus develop their "creativity and critical thinking" ability. The scholarship is awarded to new students beginning their studies in the Institute of Technology at the University of Washington Tacoma and selection is based on academic merit and demonstrated financial need. Financial need shall be determined by the Office of Student Financial Aid. The award is for one academic year.

Simpson Investment Company Endowed Scholarship (New UWT students)
The Simpson Investment Company Endowed Scholarship provides assistance to undergraduate students in the study of math, science, and technology at the University of Washington Tacoma’s Institute of Technology. This scholarship is awarded to entering students and is renewable for an additional year of undergraduate study. Selection shall be based on academic merit and demonstrated financial need. Financial need shall be determined by the Office of Student Financial Aid. Preference will be given to students who have participated in the Simpson Math and Science Internship (as long as such program exists).

Office of Student Fellowships & Awards
The Office of Student Fellowships & Awards supports UW Tacoma students in their applications for competitive institutional, national, and international fellowships. In collaboration with campus partners, the Office raises awareness of fellowship opportunities, helps students develop the skills and personal insights necessary to pursue scholarships, and provides assistance throughout the application process. 

The deadline for for submitting your scholarship application is August 1, 2017

Boeing Diversity Scholarship Application
General Scholarship Application New UWT Students


William W. Philip Endowed Fellowship
The William W. Philip Endowed Fellowship provides assistance to graduate students studying in the Milgard School of Business or the Institute of Technology at the University of Washington Tacoma. Student selection is based on academic merit. The duration of the fellowship is one academic year. The fellowship was established to honor William W. Philip, retired CEO of Columbia Bank, for his work on behalf of the University of Washington Tacoma and the community.  Students may submit applications between April 1st and May 31.

William W. Philip Endowed Fellowship Application (opens on April 1)

-Submit application and essay by the due date: May 31 - 5:00 PM
-Demonstrate a 3.2 gpa or above for your most recent academic courses
-Official transcripts verified by the UW Graduate School by July 1
-Priority consideration is given to students living in Pierce County