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The Institute of Technology hires student employees every quarter as Graders, Mentors, Facilitators for 390 seminars, and Undergraduate Teaching Assistants for the labs. These are part-time hourly positions scheduled to work varied hours approximately 5-10 hours per week. Flexibility in scheduling is required to meet department needs. The pay rate is $15.30 per hour.

If you are interested in applying, please apply using the links below. These dropboxes will close on September 15th.

In order to maintain eligibility for these appointments, students must be enrolled for at least:
Undergraduate students need to be enrolled in 6 credits
Graduate masters and professional students need to be enrolled in 4 credits for grading, facilitating, tutoring, and mentoring positions. Graduate masters need to be enrolled in 10 credits for research assistant and teaching assistant positions.
For each quarter in which you hold the appointment unless you are in “on leave” status. Students may be considered "on leave" as follows:

  • Undergraduates - For one quarter immediately following a quarter in which the student was enrolled for at least 6 academic credits (this includes summer quarter).
  • Graduate and Professional Students - When the student has applied for and been granted such status by the Dean of the Graduate School.

Click on the link to the dropboxes below:

Computer Science and Systems

CSS 390 Seminar Facilitators

CSS Graders

CSS Mentors

CSS Undergraduate Teaching Assistants

Information Technology

IT 390 Seminar Facilitators

IT Graders

IT Undergraduate Teaching Assistants


CES 390 Seminar Facilitators