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Data Culture

Institutional Research is committed to shared knowledge resources via training designed to help all units on the campus get the data they need, when they need it. To facilitate this supportive data environment, IR established a "community of practice," the Data Fellows Initiative. Drawn from the many "communities of interest" across the campus, individuals with varied skill sets - but all data curious - improved thier data knowledge and capabilities to advance our campus' data culture.

Interested in becoming a Data Fellow?  Connect to Data Fellows 2019 Workshop series


Data Fellows 2017-2020

Data Fellow (Cohort) Support unit
Jennifer Wilson (2017) Academic Advising Center
Bonnie Becker (2017) Academic Affairs
Elizabeth Hansen (2018) Center for Student Involvement
Eduardo Armijo (2017) Education
Akane Yamaguchi (2017) Global Affairs

Brandon Fortner (2018)

Bill Fritz (2018)

Information Technology

Dustin Annis (2017)

Jessica Asplund (2017)

Alan Bartlett (2017)

Erica T Cline (2018)

Jeremy Davis (2017)

Jacob Martens (2017)

William McGuire (2018)

Lauren Montgomery (2017)

Susan Morreira (2018)

Arlyn Palomo (2017)

Ruth Vanderpool (2018)

Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

Alison Hendricks (2017)

Ellen Lambert Hermansen (2018)

Annemarie Martin (2017)

Heidi Norbjerg (2018)

Aubrey Steffens (2017)

Milgard School of Business

Katie Haerling (2017)

Jessica J. Immerman (2018)

Lindsey McBride (2018)

Nan West (2018)

Nursing & Healthcare Leadership

Victoria Hill (2018)

Office of Financial Aid

Ana Marie Alameda(2018)

Stephanie M Beall (2018)

Lindsey Clark (2018)

Office of the Registrar

Surtida B.Shelton (2018)

Office of Student Engagement

Cindy Schaarschmidt (2018)

Office of Student Fellowships and Awards

Sokunroath Chhuoy (2018)

Office of Undergraduate Education

Gabi Crosby (2017)

Curtis Black (2017)

DC Grant (2017)

Elizabeth Jeffrey (2018)

Joel Larson (2017)

David Ross (2017)

School of Engineering and Technology

Jill Haugen (2017)

Janelle Hawes (2017)

Terri Simonsen (2017)

Social Work & Criminal Justice
Su-Miao Lai (2017) Teaching & Learning Center
Paul Cigarruista (2017) Undergraduate Education

Julia Smith (2017)

Urban Studies

Serin Anderson (2017)

Timothy Todd Bostelle (2018)

Alaina C Bull (2018)

UW Tacoma Library

Rosalynn Johnson (2018) Veteran and Military Resource Center