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Along with IR's published reports, a number of new, dynamic tools are now available to ALL members of the UW/UWT community - see the IR Tools web page - to help you easily find the data you need, when you need it. When you can't find it, our UW Tacoma Data Fellows, embedded in the units, are there to help. Institutional Research is committed to a federated IR model of shared knowledge, resources and training to help all units on the campus access the data they need, when they need it. To this end, we've created a community of practice, with members from across the campus, at varied skill sets - but all data curious - to advance our campus data culture.

Data Culture

When you don't know where to look, don't know what the numbers mean, or can't find the report you want, contact your local Data Fellow. They know many tools and reports that can help, as they have taken specialized workshops and trainings in the resources available. If they don't know the answers, they'll submit a request for IR to research deeper and write the code that dives more deeply into UW's data tables, warehouses, portals and resources.
Data Fellows 2017-2020 
Academic Advising Center - Jennifer Wilson
Admissions - Ted Olson
Center for Business Analytics - Jaime White
Education – Eduardo Armijo
Global Affairs - Akane Yamaguchi
Institute of Technology – Gabi Crosby, Curtis Black, DC Grant, Joel Larson, David Ross
Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences – Dustin Annis, Jessica Asplund, Alan Bartlett, Jeremy Davis, Jacob Martens, Lauren Montgomery, Arlyn Palomo
Library - Serin Anderson
Milgard – Alison Hendricks , Annemarie Martin, Aubrey Steffens
Nursing & Healthcare Leadership - Katie Haerling
Social Work & Criminal Justice– Jill Haugen, Janelle Hawes, Terri Simonsen
Teaching & Learning Center - Su-Miao Lai
Undergraduate Education - Paul Cigarruista
Urban Studies – Julia Smith
Information yearns to be unfettered and free.
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