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Institutional Research strives to help colleagues find and understand the information you need, when you need it. To that end, we support and educate the campus in the use of new tools for dynamic access to university data.  New visualization dashboards at UW provide user-friendly looks into complex UW data and allow you to easily access and understand our large data sets and statistics. By selecting one of the growing number of dashboards now available, and choosing your parameters, you are able to dynamically display your selected information. IR seeks to not only provide institutional reports, but to provide you with the tools and training needed to explore and discover real-time, visual information that supports your planning and decision-making.

PUBLIC PROFILES - Open Access Data

Our most current data is found on PUBLIC PROFILES and does not need a login. Public Profiles is a set of dashboards that allows anyone to explore summaries of current enrollments, as well as graduation and retention trends at each of the UW campuses.


Available to the UW community, UW Profiles allows for varied and quick dashboard reports to be aggregated at any level of the organization: from the system, the campus, or deep down into the programs. The goal of UW Profiles is to inform quickly, to foster independence in access to data, to create discussion based on common data, and to encourage further analysis and exploration by identifying areas of success or concern.

You'll need to login with your UW NetID to get started.

UW Tacoma's Locally Produced  Reports

You'll need to login to UWT servers with your UW NetID to get started,

UW Data & Analytics | B.I. PORTAL

The Business Intelligence Portal is your gateway to the UW's Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW). Use this Portal to explore, dig deep, and understand the operational and analytical data at the University of Washington. Members of the campus community with a need to review University data will want to REQUEST ACCESS and TRAINING to better dig into the data, processes and reports available at the B.I. Portal.

Here's a quick link to reports and dynamic visualizations for those who already have acccess to the B.I.Portal. Also available are UW Tacoma's Data Reports.

UW and UW Tacoma Predictive Analytics Platforms

You'll need a special account and training on the Civitas Learning platform.  This integrated data platform does not use the UW NetID authentication. 

About Tableau Software

UW Tableau is the data visualization software on which the new UW dashboards and visualization reports  are built.  It is the platform chosen by UW for building and dynamically accessing visual, analytic and operational reports across many diverse data sets at UW.  Whether via the open Web (Public Profiles), or via authenticated dashboards (UW Profiles), or through deeper dives into EDW visualization reports (BI Portal), with Tableau we are now able to quickly access and visualize large data sets, and to simplify understanding of our complex university data. More about accessing Tableau, the EDW and the UW Business Intelligence Portal is available online or by consulting with any member of the UW Tacoma IR team.