Arts, Media and Culture (AMC) major

This major focuses on how the broadly-defined fields of art and media operate within culture, as well as how they transform it. Students study formal, aesthetic and socio-cultural ways of understanding literature, visual art, film, music and other media. You are introduced to a range of fields and gain experience working in both American and international contexts, while at the same time specializing to some degree in a particular field such as visual arts, film, literature or media.

Career options

Arts, Media and Culture prepares students for a range of careers including publishing, the arts, media, museum work, public relations and public history. It is also appropriate for students pursuing broad cultural literacy, as well as for those students planning to continue on to advanced study in performing and visual arts or the humanities.

Student learning outcomes

When you have finished the course work for this major, you are expected to meet these learning outcomes.

  • You will cultivate insight unique to human beings and will be able to identify and explain interrelations among texts of apparently disparate discourses: literature, film and visual arts.
  • You will acquire the interpretive skills necessary to analyze individual texts of various kinds - literary, filmic, art, televisual, musical - closely and critically. Students will be not just literate but visually or audiovisually literate.
  • You will understand the importance of history and culture as they shape and are in turn shaped by arts and media.
  • You will gain practical experience in the creative processes of one of the arts or media studied in the major.
  • You will be able to express the knowledge and experience described in the items listed above in clear, concise and persuasive writing.

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