Hispanic Studies (HISP) major

As a Hispanic Studies major, you will be able to develop intercultural competence necessary to participate in a diverse and increasingly complex world. Hispanic Studies is interdisciplinary in focus, with a strong emphasis on the contemporary culture of Latin America. It offers practical skills-based language classes for students who want to pursue careers in a variety of fields.

The Hispanic Studies major was developed using guidelines from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). The Hispanic Studies major includes the five domains of knowledge as: 

  1. Communication in a language other than English;
  2. Knowledge and Understanding of another culture;
  3. Interdisciplinary focus;
  4. Insights into the comparative nature of language and culture;
  5. Participation in multilingual communities at home or around the world.

Career options

In addition to teaching and translation/interpretation, graduates with a Hispanic Studies major are employed by businesses, government and non-profit agencies, social welfare and law enforcement groups, insurance companies, law offices, health care services, human resources, immigration offices, and communication and media groups.

Student learning objectives

Hispanic Studies students will:

  • Develop oral, writing and reading proficiency in Spanish at the Advanced Level as defined by American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) standards.
  • Become knowledgeable about the complexity of cultures in the Spanish-speaking world and be able to engage in ongoing critical debate about them.
  • Acquire proficiency in the 5 Cs (communication, cultures, connections, comparisons, communities) for language studies in Spanish as defined by the National Foreign Language Standards.
  • Learn terminology and concepts from at least two of these fields: literature and literary criticism; film and film criticism; cultural studies and cultural theory, and be able to apply the terminology and concepts to the critical analysis of works from Spain, Spanish America, and U.S. Latinos.
  • Become global citizens, able to interact compassionately, intelligently and insightfully with other cultures, particularly those of the Spanish-speaking world, and to engage in the scholarship and activism that constitute Hispanic Studies in the U.S.
  • Acquire competence necessary for employment in a variety of fields related to the Spanish language and literary and cultural studies and/or a graduate program in Spanish or Latin American Studies.

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