Law and Policy (LAWPL) major

Law and Policy students learn to think analytically about the public action component of current legal and policy concerns associated with health care, social policy and international development. The major links curricular content with challenges facing Tacoma, South Puget Sound and Washington State.

All Law and Policy majors are required to take a capstone course.  Many students choose to engage in internships to meet their capstone requirement.

Career options

Law and Policy majors pursue a wide range of careers, most of which are directly or indirectly related to government and politics.  Some examples are:

  • Public policy analysis and management
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Policy analysis think tanks
  • Local, state and federal government
  • Law and legal administration
  • Rights advocacy
  • Teaching

Many graduates also begin graduate programs in law, policy studies, public policy, politics, public administration, management, education and community advocacy.

Student learning outcomes

As a graduate in this major, you will be expected to meet these specific student learning objectives:

  • Develop effective and persuasive analytical, writing and communication skills, and apply these skills to complex contemporary social and legal problems;
  • Acquire substantive knowledge and understanding about the institutions and beliefs embedded in legal practices and specific public policies;
  • Critically examine legal, political and economic institutions as they relate to social and policy choices;
  • Critically evaluate theories and methods used to examine tradeoffs in policy and legal decisions;
  • Analyze, display and interpret data to explain social and policy issues;
  • Understand the role of ethics and the ethical dimension of laws and policy making.

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