Culture, Art and Communication (CAC)

About Culture, Art and Communication

Culture, Art and Communication (CAC) embraces five majors: American Studies, Arts, Media and Culture, Communication, Hispanic Studies and Writing Studies. We are bound by a common interest in human beings and their expressions--from personal to global, and from theory to practice. CAC courses are interdisciplinary and rooted in cultural contexts. Its curricula include creative and technical writing and rhetoric, global and American mass media, art history and studio arts, film studies, literature, Latin American and Spanish language and cultures and American mainstream, ethnic and popular cultures. Courses approach these fields not only in their historical dimensions, but also in the context of the socially and technologically changing world we inhabit. CAC degrees prepare students for careers in television and digital media, publishing and public relations, secondary and higher education, museum work, the arts and many related fields; most important, this university education provides tools for lifelong learning, enrichment and reflection.

American Studies (AM) major

The American Studies Major was revised in Spring 2014. The new major offers areas of focus and aligns study with current American Studies research and practice. American Studies examines what “American” means by evaluating the ideals and realities of life in the United States.

Arts, Media and Culture (AMC) major

This major focuses on how the broadly-defined fields of art and media operate within culture, as well as how they transform it. Students study formal, aesthetic and socio-cultural ways of understanding literature, visual art, film, music and other media.

Communication (COM) major

The Communication major offers two tracks allowing students to focus on a particular skill set in communications fields: Professional Track and Research Track. You will learn about the social, cultural, economic, political and historical context within which media operate.

Hispanic Studies (HISP) major

As a Hispanic Studies major, you will be able to develop intercultural competence necessary to participate in a diverse and increasingly complex world.

Writing Studies (WRT) major

Students in the Writing Studies major learn to write effectively in a range of genres and to think critically and creatively.

Hispanic Studies minor

Hispanic Studies combines proficiency in the Spanish language with a general knowledge of the cultural, historical and political framework of Spanish America.

Museum Studies minor

The minor in Museum Studies aims to prepare students for graduate studies in museology, museum management and entry-level positions in the field.

Nonprofit Management minor or certificate

The Nonprofit Management minor or certificate is an option for students who are interested in pursuing careers in nonprofit organizations.

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