Curriculum Development

One of the highest priorities of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (IAS) is to provide superior instruction to students. Faculty are responsible for defining and developing the curriculum. Faculty work with their Division Chairs to propose the annual schedule, taking into account the information provided by the curricular staff. This page will provide faculty with resources to assist in the curriculum process.

Please contact Bonnie Becker or Kelly Kledzik via email if you are developing a new course or a course change and have any questions.

2013-2014 IAS New Course ProcessIAS faculty lecture

Curriculum Application Forms

IAS Process for Establishing a New Undergraduate Major, a New Minor or Substantial Changes to Existing Curricula

1503 Program Form

1503 form

Course Numbers Guidelines

Assigning Course Numbers

Diversity Designations

The following application should be submitted with your proposed course if applying for a Diversity Designation. Please contact your Division Chair for more information.

Diversity Designation Application

Memo to Academic Programs on Diversity Requirement