Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

IAS program structure

Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences has a new program structure, consisting of five (5) divisions and a graduate program. Explore the new divisions to find your area of study.

Division of Culture, Art and Communication (CAC)

Division of Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs (PPPA)

Division of Sciences and Mathematics (SAM)

Division of Social, Behavioral and Human Sciences (SBHS)

Division of Social and Historical Studies (SHS)

Graduate Program

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Who do I go to for...

The following table is for use by faculty, students and staff for questions about how to do things in IAS. It will be updated as staff are hired and new questions arise. Please send comments and suggestions to

IAS Master Calendar

IAS Event Calendar

We are currently in our summer session. Please check back for upcoming events.

2013-14 academic calendar

IAS News

Altaf Merchant, Milgard School of Business, University of Washington Tacoma

Merchant of Nostalgia

Retro is hip. "Back in the day" is a la mode. A UW Tacoma professor's research helps advertisers understand the complex effects of nostalgia on consumers--and helps them tailor their ads to improve sales.
UW Tacoma Social Work professor Eric Madfis leading a criminal justice class.

New All-Online Criminal Justice Degree

There are two reasons why UW Tacoma’s newest criminal justice degree is pathbreaking. One: it was designed by social work faculty. Two: it’s all online.