Nonprofit Management minor or certificate

The Nonprofit Management minor or certificate is an option for students who are interested in pursuing careers in nonprofit organizations. Students learn a variety of business and fundraising skills and do internships at various community sites. This minor fits well with many IAS concentrations.

Undergraduate students may also earn a certificate in nonprofit management by fulfilling the requirements for the minor in nonprofit management. Post-baccalaureate students who complete the requirements earn the certificate, not the minor. Minors can only be granted to students with their first undergraduate degree. Undergraduate students must have earned a minimum of 45 credits and declared a major before declaring a minor.

Nonprofit Management minor course requirements

The Nonprofit Management minor requires 25 credits.

All minors must be completed with a 2.0 minor GPA. Please see an advisor to discuss details.

  • TNPRFT 431 Community Organizations and the Nonprofit Sector (5 credits)
  • TNPRFT 432 Organizational Development or TBUS 300 Managing Organizations (5 credits)
  • TNPRFT 451 Essentials of Grant Writing and Fundraising (5 credits)
  • TIAS 496 Internship (5 credits)
  • TNPRFT 457 Nonprofit Capstone (5 credits)

TNPRFT 431, TNPRFT 432/TBUS 300 AND TNPRFT 451 are designed to be self-standing and can be taken in any order. Students should plan to enroll in TIAS 496 Internship and TNPRFT 457 Non-profit Capstone after completing the other three required courses. Since the goal of the capstone course is to synthesize classroom theory with hands-on experiences in a non-profit organization, the capstone course should be taken last.

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Guidelines for completing the Nonprofit Management internship

The requirements for completing the Nonprofit Management minor or certificate program include an internship. The general guidelines for this internship follow:

  • Internships involve spending 15 hours per week for ten weeks on an approved project. These 15 hours per week are a combination of time spent working at the internship site and research and study related to the approved project.
  • Internship projects should involve substantive, policy-oriented work. The goal is to use the internship to connect the theory that students have learned in the classroom with the experience of getting things accomplished in a non-profit organization.
  • Internships should be done with a nonprofit or community-based organization and must be linked to a social purpose. Your internship should not consist of something that you already do as part of your job or volunteer experience. The goal of the nonprofit management internship is to give students an opportunity to try out something new and to expand their experience.
IAS Internship guidelines and forms

Once your internship contract is signed by you, Ruth Bernstein (internship supervisor) and your site supervisor, you can obtain an entry code to register for the course.

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Admission requirements

NOTE: Admission to the Certificate in Nonprofit Management is limited to post-baccalaureate applicants.

  1. Contact Bill Kunz to discuss this certificate program, application and admission requirements.
  2. Request a transcript from institution from which you received your undergraduate degree.
  3. Provide a statement detailing your interest in the nonprofit certificate program.

Your transcript and personal statement should be mailed to:

Certificate in Nonprofit Management
Attention: Bill Kunz - IAS Program
University of Washington Tacoma
Campus Box 358436
1900 Commerce Street
Tacoma, WA 98402-3100 USA

In addition, it is necessary to complete and submit an online Application for Nonmatriculated Undergraduate Admission (check "Nonprofit Management Certificate") accompanied by a non-refundable processing fee of $60. A copy of this application will be forwarded to Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences.

For questions, please contact the Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences office.

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