Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PP&E) major

Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PP&E) offers an innovative curriculum for students drawn to interdisciplinary approaches and diverse frameworks for understanding social phenomenon.

PP&E majors choose to specialize in Politics and Philosophy, Economics or International Studies. The PP&E degree requirements page can help you decide which courses are required for your specialization.

Toward the end of their studies, all PP&E students engage in a capstone class. Some students take a seminar class, while others choose to do an internship. Students majoring in PP&E also have the option of graduating with honors. This route is especially recommended for students expecting to enter graduate school. For more information, speak with your advisor or view the application.

If you are a prospective transfer student, we've provided you with some information about how prior coursework may be used to meet PP&E requirements.

Career options

Students in this major are prepared for careers in government, law, public agencies, business, nonprofit management, diplomacy, community work or journalism. PP&E also prepares students for advanced studies in law, journalism, international relations, public policy, international development and other social sciences.

Student learning outcomes

2010 legislative interns

  • Students will develop a more thorough knowledge of social institutions through focused engagement with both contemporary and enduring social issues.
  • Students will strengthen their analytical skills.
  • Students will develop their ability to write with style and precision.
  • Students will become more competent with quantitative analysis.
  • Students will develop their ethical and logical reasoning.
  • And students will learn to synthesize and evaluate information through an application of knowledge and methods across different disciplines.