Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs (PPPA)

About Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs

2010 legislative interns

The Division of Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs (PPPA) provides vibrant and innovative programs of study where students explore the manner in which societies solve social challenges. Through internships, study abroad opportunities, seminars, and field work, students also gain practical experience with careers at the local, state, national, and global level.

PPPA houses the majors of Politics, Philosophy & Economics and Law & Policy.  We also offer minors in Asian Studies, Economics, Human Rights, Law and Policy, Politics, and Religious Studies.  

Housed within the Interdisciplinary Arts and Science program at the University of Washington Tacoma, PPPA’s innovative curriculum combines theory and practice, and is an excellent choice for students interested in current events, public affairs, politics, government, ethics, human rights, economics, international studies, law, or social philosophy. Our faculty of active scholars are committed to undergraduate education; through small classes, extracurricular activities, and individualized internships, PPPA provides many opportunities for students to work closely with faculty. 

Law and Policy (L&P) major

Law and Policy students learn to think analytically about the public action component of current legal and policy concerns associated with health care, social policy and international development. The major links curricular content with challenges facing Tacoma, South Puget Sound and Washington State.

Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PP&E) major

Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PP&E) offers an innovative curriculum for students drawn to interdisciplinary approaches and diverse frameworks for understanding social phenomenon.

We are pleased to announce that seniors can now graduate "with honors in PP&E." Students who are interested in going to graduate school are especially urged to consider this new PP&E honors track, as it will help them become more competitive for admission and better prepared to succeed in graduate school. For more information, speak with your advisor or view the application.

Religious Studies minor

Effective Spring 2014

The study of religion deepens our understanding of human nature and engages us in reflection of life's greatest questions. UW Tacoma's Religious Studies minor allows students to supplement their major with a select number of courses that inquire into diverse religious beliefs and the social implications of these beliefs.

Asian Studies minor

Students minoring in Asian Studies develop a well-rounded understanding of the countries and cultures of Asia. Coursework places the Asian experience into a theoretical context while focusing on the region's specific historical and cultural backdrop.

Economics minor

The need for improved economic reasoning is evident in the growing importance of issues that raise crucial questions of resource usage in our society: climate change, increased mobility of labor, the spread of global markets and the fiscal problems associated with an aging population, to name but a few. An Economics minor provides students with the foundation for understanding and exploring these issues.

Politics minor

This minor is designed for students seeking a solid understanding of the political ideas and processes that shape political outcomes.

Human Rights minor

An option for students who are interested in the rapidly emerging field of human rights, this minor is a coordinated tri-campus initiative (UW Tacoma, UW Seattle and UW Bothell). Students may, but are not required to, take courses from more than one campus in order to earn the minor.

Law and Policy minor

This minor provides students with a foundation in logical reasoning and develops their ability to analyze and communicate complex ideas. Students develop a broad appreciation of the role of law and policy in their field of study, whether it is environmental science, business, communications, social work, psychology or another field.

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Peace Corps

UW Tacoma Preps for Peace Corps

University of Washington has long been one of the top sources of Peace Corps volunteers each year. Starting in fall of 2014, UW Tacoma will do its part to contribute to that record.
Reforming Tacoma's City Charter: A Panel Discussion [view of Tacoma skyline]

City Governance: Passionate Discourse

The City of Tacoma is in the midst of a once-per-decade review of the city charter, the document which “lays out the rules for the operation of pretty much every aspect of the City in 21 pages.”