Quantitative and Environmental Sciences and Studies (QuESSt)

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UW Tacoma's Environmental Science and Studies takes advantage of the Puget Sound being in our own front yard. UW Tacoma's curriculum, internship opportunities and research maintain local community ties while exploring global perspectives. These ample networking opportunities provided to UW Tacoma students have resulted in excellent career opportunities upon graduation.

Environmental Science (Bachelor of Science)

The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science provides students with a strong science background focused on the environmental issues of the future. Through lecture, lab and field classes, you will get hands-on experience with biology, chemistry, the geosciences, physics and math. This course of study teaches you how to draw connections between these disciplines in order to solve the complex, interdisciplinary environmental problems facing the local community and society at large.

Environmental Studies (Bachelor of Arts)

The Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies offers students a strong background in environmental science, complemented by a range of non-science courses.

Starting with a core of courses in the earth and life sciences, it branches out to examine legal, economic, literary, historical and philosophical perspectives on the environment. The focus is inherently interdisciplinary and addresses both global and local issues. Collectively, environmental studies courses explore how scientific information gets translated by political and cultural arenas into social, ethical, legal and technological responses to environmental problems.

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Sustainability minor

Effective Spring 2014

The discipline of sustainability grows from the recognition that the current trajectory humans are on cannot be sustained. This minor gives you grounding in sustainability practice and theory, and creates a foundational understanding of local and global problems from a social, economic and environmental perspective.

Environmental Studies minor

An option for students without the science prerequisites to do the B.S. in Environmental Science or the B.A. in Environmental Studies, this minor provides a good grounding in the principles of the field. Note: TEST AND TESC major students cannot minor in Environmental Studies.

Mathematics minor

The study of mathematics emphasizes exposure to the core foundational areas of analysis, modern algebra, and geometry. A mathematician's skill set includes the technical tools specific to each area as well as the development of critical thinking skills necessary for logical reasoning.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) certificate

What is GIS?

A geographic information system (GIS) is a computer-based tool for mapping and analyzing things that exist and events that happen on earth. GIS technology integrates common database operations such as query and statistical analysis with the unique visualization and geographic analysis benefits offered by maps. These abilities distinguish GIS from other information systems and make it valuable to a wide range of public and private enterprises for explaining events, predicting outcomes and planning strategies.

Restoration Ecology minor or certificate

A minor/certificate in Restoration Ecology provides training from theory to practice, giving you the skills necessary to participate as an effective team member and leader on challenging restoration projects.....

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Environmental Science Series


The University of Washington Tacoma Environmental Sciences and Environmental Studies majors hosts an annual Environmental Research Symposium (UWaTERS). This event showcases the capstone research projects of our undergraduate students.

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Spring in the Giving GardenThe University of Washington Tacoma is an urban campus located in downtown Tacoma with a strong commitment to our surrounding community.

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Haluk Demirkan, Executive Director of UW Tacoma's Center for Information-Based Management

Demirkan turns data into wisdom

Haluk Demirkan, executive director of the Milgard School's new Center for Information-Based Management, wants to help organizations of all sizes use their data to make management decisions.