Social and Historical Studies (SHS)

About Social and Historical Studies (SHS)

Social and Historical Studies encompasses social science and humanities courses in the History and Ethnic, Gender and Labor Studies majors of IAS. Investigation into diverse experiences and conditions over time and place provide a common framework, with particular attention paid to race, class, ethnicity and gender, and to how people shape their destinies.

Ethnic, Gender and Labor Studies (EGL) major

The Ethnic, Gender, and Labor Studies major examines how communities form and are transformed, with a focus on the relationship between social class, race and ethnicity, and gender.

History major

As a student of History, you will learn to understand chronology and cause and effect reasoning - skills that are essential in all fields of research. You will learn how to gather information from primary and secondary sources, cull and analyze that information and identify its most significant aspects, reach conclusions based on that analysis, and produce well-written narratives and oral presentations relating the contents and results of their work.

Global Studies concentration

Students in the Global Studies concentration study a variety of subjects and themes in an international context, including artistic, cultural, political and economic patterns among and within other nations. Advanced language study is an integral component of global studies. Students may choose to focus their studies on one or more world regions or specific themes.

Gender Studies minor

The Minor in Gender Studies brings together courses from across the university and encourages students to think critically about the significance of gender in art, in history, in society and in our daily lives. The courses affiliated with this minor assist students in developing gender literacy as a central component of civic engagement.

Students graduating with a Minor in Gender Studies will be well positioned as critical thinkers and engaged citizens.  Their training will showcase skills ranging from fluency in various styles of communication and presentation to creative problem solving, and will enable them to speak confidently across a range of contemporary social issues.

Nonprofit Management minor or certificate

The Nonprofit Management minor or certificate is an option for students who are interested in pursuing careers in nonprofit organizations.

Museum Studies minor

The minor in Museum Studies aims to prepare students for graduate studies in museology, museum management and entry-level positions in the field.

Public History minor

This minor introduces students to the field of public history, which trains historians to be active participants in society using new and innovative methods to convey history to a wide range of audiences. They strive to teach the value of history and the need to learn about the past to better understand the present and shape the future.


SHS Student Fellowships & Awards

The Office of Student Fellowships & Awards supports UW Tacoma students in their applications for competitive institutional, national, and international fellowships. In collaboration with campus partners, the Office raises awareness of fellowship opportunities, helps students develop the skills and personal insights necessary to pursue scholarships and provides assistance throughout the application process. Visit the Student Fellowships & Awards website for more information and a searchable fellowship database.

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