Mission, vision and values

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We promote intercultural competency and global awareness by providing first-hand, transformative experiences through innovative and distinctive international programs that enrich and broaden engagement opportunities for the campus and community.


In the next decade, Study Abroad anticipates growing both the number of programs offered as well as the breadth and scope of those offerings. This will include programming that integrates the UWT curriculum with student learning, student and faculty research, and service learning opportunities in international settings.



Our programs are designed by UW Tacoma faculty, rooted in UW Tacoma curriculum, and designed to be accessible to all UW Tacoma students. They challenge participant world views, flex personal boundaries and create entirely new prospects by connecting participants to knowledge, research and career opportunities around the globe.

Campus Engagement

The life and vitality of Study Abroad comes from our students, faculty, and staff. Their passion for intercultural studies inspires our work; their persistence and enthusiasm encourages us to explore and expand programming opportunities available for each member of our campus community. Together we create an abundance of shared successes which illuminate the path and invite future students, faculty and staff to venture forth.


Study Abroad and the Office of Global Affairs strive to understand the needs of our program participants and the campus community by infusing our collective experience with new knowledge, planning and action.  Our staff builds confidence by ensuring stability and consistency within our programs. We provide a structure around which faculty are able to develop creative programming.


Our plans, decisions and priorities express alignment with UW Tacoma’s values, mission, and vision. Our ability to shift in scales, moving from program details to the big picture ensures harmonious operations vertically and horizontally among all programs, departments and levels of administration within UW Tacoma.