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The following UW Tacoma programs are in development. Once a program comes online, a link to official program details will be made available below; stay tuned!

Spring Break 2014

Netherlands flagExpedition Fellows program posterExpedition Fellows - Fun City: Urban Tourism and Sustainable Urban Development

Expedition Fellows is a unique program designed for UW Tacoma freshmen and sophomores. This year, students travel from Tacoma to The Netherlands to explore European examples of urban tourism. Using the city of Utrecht as our home base, we will travel by train to a variety of other nearby cities to make sense of tourism as an urban development strategy. How do we explain the impulse to develop urban tourist infrastructure? Are cities good tourist destinations? Do we see the same patterns of urban tourism here at home as we do in Europe? Is tourism good for cities? Does it advance, or limit, sustainable urban development? These and other questions will shape this year's Expedition Fellows experience.

Russia flagMoscow, Russia: Journalism Exchange ProgramRussia program poster

A competitive independent study program in which 2 - 4 UW Tacoma students team up with students from Moscow State University (MSU) to write, design and produce a newspaper or media project. This is a valuable opportunity for students interested in journalism and communications and is part of a program which originated in March 2003 between UWT and MSU.

Summer Quarter 2014

China flagChina program posterChina: West to East

Study language, culture, and history with excursions to nearby attractions in China's northwest region.

Ecuador flagEcuador program posterEcuador: Intensive Spanish in Quito

5-week program to Quito, Ecuador for Spanish language learning and Latin American cultural studies.

European Union flagShrinking Cities: Urban Redevelopment in EuropeUWT Europe Summer 2014 program poster

Explore spatial, architectural, historical, cultural, social, economic, and political dimensions of urban dynamics in contemporary Europe.

Germany flagGermany: Human Rights and Cosmopolitanism in FrankfurtUWT Germany Summer 2014 program poster

Experience Frankfurt as an urban center of historical relevance, great diversity, environmental awareness, and rich cultural life.


Italy flagUWT Italy Summer 2014 Study Abroad program posterRome, Italy - Technology and Society: a Global Perspective

An overview of ancient Roman technologies, non-Western contributions to the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions (China and India in particular), the more recent issues of survival and transfer of technologies and how they relate to the new reality created by the emerging economic powers.

Early Fall Quarter 2014

Brazil flagUWT Brazil Early Fall Study Abroad program posterBrazil: The Sport of Democracy

Study Portuguese, engage in experiential learning projects, and receive an in-depth, critical understanding of contemporary Brazil.


Italy flagItaly Early Fall program posterItaly - The Evolution of Consciousness and the Art of the Renaissance

This program will examine the tremendous changes that occurred in human consciousness during the Italian renaissance and their reflection in painting, sculpture and architecture. The phenomena will be studied in the context of the historical, cultural and political conditions in the 15th and 16th centuries, and through an in depth exploration of the biographies of the artists whose unprecedented genius and talent changed the direction of western cultural development.