Student Involvement Printing Services

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The Center for Student Involvement offers limited printing services for UW Tacoma students and student organizations. Our printing services are funded by the Student Technology Fee Committee (STFC). We provide:

  • Free printing for UW Tacoma students and RSOs
  • Three paper sizes: letter, legal and tabloid
  • Color printing included
  • Staple and collating options available
  • Limited colored paper available
  • Copy and scanning
  • Limit of 75 pages per print

UW Tacoma departments and non-University individuals cannot utilize this service. It is for UW Tacoma students only.

Students are welcome to stop by the Center during any of our open hours to print.

Additional Services for RSOs

In addition to the basic printing services listed above, we also allow for RSOs to email in documents to printed. This option is only available for prints that are RSO-related. We will not accept emailed in documents for print that are not RSO-related.

RSOs wishing to email in a document to be printed can simply email with the document attached. Please note the following guidelines:

  • Please send the document as a PDF, if possible, to retain your fonts and formatting
  • Send your document as it needs to be printed - for example, our office will not take one image and print it four times on a piece of paper for you. Send your document with four of the same item on a page.
  • In the email, include all print information needed - quantity, black/white or color, etc.
  • We will not cut, laminate, staple (by hand), etc. your document
  • We ask that all prints be picked-up same day, as soon as possible after they are ready